Sidewalk Plaza
Public Architecture’s sidewalk plazas focus on San Francisco’s South of Market Area, but offer insights into other urban areas nationwide.



17th and Castro Commons
Public Architecture led the design of a pedestrian plaza which reclaimed an underutilized portion of the existing streetscape to create neighborhood open space.



Accessory Dwelling Unit
Public Architecture’s interest in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) seeks to address the need for affordable, multigenerational, sustainably designed housing.



Day Labor Station
Public Architecture is interested in the design, planning, and social justice issues raised by day laborer gathering places.



Public Architecture led the design and construction of "ScrapHouse," a temporary demonstration home, built entirely of salvaged material.





TAF Community Learning Space
Public Architecture is involved with the design and construction of a high-tech nonprofit headquarters and community center in King County, Wash., which integrates reused materials.



KIPP Schools Model Facilities Guide
Public Architecture produced a comprehensive facilities design guide for KIPP’s national network of schools. 



United Way Spark Point Center
Public Architecture is the design consultant for the United Way Bay Area’s first Spark Point Center, a one-stop prosperity hub in East Oakland.



International Planned Parenthood Federation/CIES Sustainability Framework
Public Architecture developed a pilot project for CIES, IPPF’s Bolivian affiliate, that explores how sustainable design can advance CIES’s triple bottom line.


Lights on Market Street
Public Architecture worked with the San Francisco Arts Commission to curate Lights on Market Street, a 6-month art installation aimed at revitalizing San Francisco’s Mid-Market district as a hub for the arts.

Fire Station Health Centers
Public Architecture worked with the California HealthCare Foundation and Health Care Service of Alameda County to assess the feasibility of co-locating health centers on fire station sites in Alameda County, CA. 


Waller Creek
Public Architecture teamed up with CMG Landscape Architecture to design a new public realm along a 1.5 mile stretch of Waller Creek in downtown Austin. 



The 1% Habitat Initiative
Habitat for Humanity reached out to Public Architecture to explore how they could better engage the design community to improve the design and construction process, and raise the sustainability standards for their 1500 affiliates across the country. 





Conceived as an opportunity to put architects in the position of problem identifier, rather than just problem solver, Public Architecture has spearheaded nine public-interest design projects.

These projects typically combine a prototypical design with advocacy efforts to tackle an issue of broad social relevance.

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All projects listed are projects of Public Architecture and associated work are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.









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