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International advertising agency Digitas was looking for a workplace which would encourage creativity and out-of-the box thinking in order to create work which would set them apart.  Read more


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory campus in Golden, Colorado had an ambitious goal to make their entire campus net-zero energy and to promote the use of the renewable energy resources they study. Read more


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In the decade since its completion, the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED), a housing development in South London, has become an acclaimed case study for sustainable development. Read more


La TOHU Pavilion houses La TOHU, an organization dedicated to the circus arts that has a unique relationship to its surrounding landscape, the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (CESM). Read more


EpiCenter is the Boston headquarters of Artists for Humanity (AFH), a non-profit that works to create self-sufficiency among at-risk urban teens through  training and employment in the arts. Read more


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ScrapHouse was a temporary demonstration home which was built out of entirely scrap and reclaimed materials in front of San Francisco City Hall for World Environment Day 2005. Read more


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Richard Carlson was a Los Angeles developer who wanted to build a new home on the East Los Angeles industrial area where his family’s construction business used to store salvaged equipment and materials.

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The Ford Calumet Environmental Center is being developed by the City of Chicago’s Department of the Environment to industrial and ecological significance of the Calumet region of southern Chicago. Read more


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The Pittsburgh Glass Center is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching, creating, and promoting glass art.  The project entailed the renovation of an old masonry building, as well as a prominent addition, to create a new home for the organization. Read more


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Warren Wilson College is an independent, liberal arts college with a commitment to environmental leadership and innovation.  Students are expected to actively participate in shaping their experience at Warren Wilson. In 1998, when students learned of the plans for the new dorm, they established a committee to meet with the project team and set sustainability goals. Read more


The Wing Luke Asian Museum showcases the heritage of the Asian American population in Seattle.  The old Chinatown building which the museum chose to renovate has a long history within the community. Read more


Antioch Baptist Church was built as a thesis project by four students of Rural Studio, an Auburn University architecture program in which students design and build buildings in several poor communities in rural western Alabama. The new building replaced a small, remote church, which had been perched precariously on piled stones for almost 100 years and had begun to sag with age. Read more