Photo: Jamie Myers Forsythe

p:ear (program: education, art, and recreation) began over ten years ago to provide meals, job training and safe space to homeless youths in Portland, OR. Read more


As part of Starbucks Coffee Company’s 2008 unveiling of their Shared Planet commitment to “ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship and community involvement,” was a new approach to their store designs with the intention of creating a local, community-centered feel. Read more


The Global Ecology Resource Center at Stanford University houses the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology, which conducts research on the interactions between the earth’s ecosystems, land, atmosphere, and oceans. Read more


Cesar Rubio Photography, Copyright 2005

ScrapHouse was a temporary demonstration home which was built out of entirely scrap and reclaimed materials in front of San Francisco City Hall for World Environment Day 2005. Read more


Photo: Courtesy Komorous-Towey Architects is a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce the waste stream of Alameda County, California. So it was natural for them to push the limits of reuse and green design. Read more


Omnicron AEC, Ltd is a full-service design/build firm with architecture, engineering, and construction staff all under one roof. As part of its effort to be at the forefront of sustainable design practice in Canada, Omicron used its own office renovation to advance and showcase its sustainable design and construction expertise. Read more