The Green Building Alliance (GBA) has been active in the Pittsburgh area building community as an advocate for sustainable construction and green building products for many years, so when the need for new office space arose, their path was clear. Read more


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In the decade since its completion, the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED), a housing development in South London, has become an acclaimed case study for sustainable development. Read more


La TOHU Pavilion houses La TOHU, an organization dedicated to the circus arts that has a unique relationship to its surrounding landscape, the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (CESM). Read more


EpiCenter is the Boston headquarters of Artists for Humanity (AFH), a non-profit that works to create self-sufficiency among at-risk urban teens through  training and employment in the arts. Read more


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The City of Vancouver runs its own advanced asphalt manufacturing plant that makes new asphalt as well as recycling old asphalt from the city’s roads. Read more


The C.K. Choi Building houses the Institute of Asian Research on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. Read more


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The Pittsburgh Glass Center is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching, creating, and promoting glass art.  The project entailed the renovation of an old masonry building, as well as a prominent addition, to create a new home for the organization. Read more


The Willow School is an independent day school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  It was conceived in 2000 as a hands-on learning environment which fosters a connection to the natural world. In building the school, material reuse was seen as a reflection of that ethos. Read more