Public Architecture
leverages the built environment
for social good.

1+ is the largest pro bono design marketplace in the world, mobilizing $56.3M in design services annually.
We match nonprofits with their design heroes. Improving communities, together.
There is power in a well-made place. It makes an organization stronger, it propels its mission.
Designers are challenged to pledge of 1% or more of annual working hours to pro bono service.
1+ connects nonprofits to architecture and design firms providing pro bono service.
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CITIES+ matches city initiatives with pro bono A+D services to support city leaders with early-stage great ideas, but limited resources.
Downtown San Jose, the South Bay’s urban hub, is ripe for re-imagination and redevelopment as a central walking and commercial corridor.
CITIES+ Detroit will identify a central site that has potential to become a transit hub for their inaugural project.
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Through Design Access, we convene the people who have the power to shape the built environment.
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The need and demand for primary and preventative care is currently outpacing supply. A more accessible model of health care provision is needed.
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Reuse of construction and demolition waste provides an opportunity for the design community to make a significant impact.
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The Day Labor Station addresses the needs of a community that traditionally has not had access to quality design environments.
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