September 7, 2016

When City of Hayward and its Fire Department began planning for a new firehouse in the Tennyson neighborhood, they saw an opportunity to implement the county’s vision for a Firehouse Clinic. Firehouse Clinics are an innovation in community health care focused on serving vulnerable, low income, and uninsured individuals and families. Leveraging the trust and expertise of emergency medical services (EMS) and local Fire Departments in the pre-hospital care system, Firehouse Clinics are designed to be conveniently located at neighborhood fire stations where there is critical need for access to health care services.

Public Architecture’s work on the Firehouse Clinic project included two stages. The first stage of work developed guidelines to help the Health Care Services Agency of Alameda County, CA identify a focus set of high-priority fire station sites, out of approximately seventy located across Alameda County. In addition to outlining basic spatial requirements for the sites, these guidelines helped the agency assess costs as well as the architectural implications (related to visibility, security, circulation, and visual identity goals) of co-locating FSHCs at specific sites. Our work in the second stage focused on understanding the short-listed sites in relationship to their demographic and existing health care contexts. This information was compiled into a series of reports tailored to each of the six municipalities (Oakland, San Leandro, Fremont, Newark, Hayward, and Union City) in which the sites are located.

The Tennyson Corridor site in Hayward, CA is the first of the Firehouse Clinics to break ground.

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