Pro bono verification of ENERGY STAR-eligible buildings

September 9, 2016

Public Architecture’s 1+ program is partnering with the EPA to launch a service to match ENERGY STAR-eligible buildings owned by nonprofits and government agencies with architects and engineers willing to verify applications on a cost-free, “pro bono” basis.

ENERGY STAR certification is no-cost, but applications do require review by a professional engineer or a registered architect who is able to verify that energy performance and indoor environmental conditions meet EPA’s standards.  Even though the cost for verification is modest compared to other third-party certifications, many building owners simply cannot afford this fee.
Pro bono service is a solution

EPA is connecting these building owners with licensed professionals who are willing to provide verification services on a cost-free, pro bono basis. By performing this valuable public service, licensed professionals will significantly increase the number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings, inspire others to raise the performance level of their facilities, and help an organization of their choice that otherwise would not be recognized for their outstanding achievement.

Pro bono verification of ENERGY STAR applications

Architects: Earn CEUs by providing a public service

The AIA and EPA have partnered to help architects earn up to eight (8) annual Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) continuing education units (CEUs) for reducing carbon emissions in the built environment.

Registered architects who attend a no-cost ENERGY STAR training webinar will earn one CEU.  Those who validate, pro bono, one or more building applications for ENERGY STAR certification will receive seven HSW CEUs, for a total of eight CEUs annually. The AlA will provide credit for verifying any eligible building, regardless of ownership status (e.g. non-profit, for-profit).
Get started

To participate, please sign up to attend a one-hour, no-cost webinar on “Verifying the ENERGY STAR Certification Application” using the following registration links:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. EST

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